[pymor-dev] major changes to master branch

Stephan Rave stephanrave at uni-muenster.de
Tue Dec 9 14:22:06 CET 2014

Hello everybody,

I have just pushed two changes to master which might break things for you:

- TriaGrid now subdivides each rectangle into four triangles instead of two.

- Subpackage level default imports are removed. In other words, you now 
have to write

     from pymor.la.numpyvectorarray import NumpyVectorArray

instead of

     from pymor.la import NumpyVectorarray.

For interactive use and prototyping there is now the pymor.basic module. 
A "from pymor.basic import *" will give you some of the most commonly 
used pyMOR classes and methods.


Dr. Stephan Rave
Institute for Computational and Applied Mathematics
University of Münster ~ Einsteinstr. 62 ~ D-48149 Münster
+49-251-83-35061 ~ http://www.stephanrave.de/

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