[pymor-dev] Docker upgrades: please suspend pushing

René Milk rene.milk at wwu.de
Thu Oct 19 11:17:25 CEST 2017

Dear all,

I'm about to push some major upgrades to our docker infrastructure. Please hold
off any updates to our main repository until I've completed pushing the docker
updates and then pushing a new Travis.ci config to master to see what I've
broken and hopefully fix it quickly.

Once that's done active branches will need to at least get the new Travis
config since I'm removing the python 3.4 docker images.
I have not yet added a 3.7 builder, since the base images for it don't even
compile due to Cython failing.

 Dipl.-Math. René Milk
 University of Münster
 Institute for Applied Mathematics
 Orleans-Ring 10, R. 120.012
 48149 Münster               Tel. +49 251 83-35131
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